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We have several in-home bible studies being offered this fall. Don't miss out on these amazing opportnities to fellowship with other women and grow in your relationship with God.

There are a varity of studies with various times and dates so you can
find one that fits in your schedule.
Come share how you use and store your “crops,” including drying, freezing, and canning techniques: or come just to learn these techniques. The garden in open to tour, but event will be indoors for comport. bring a homegrown treat, or just come to enjoy. RSVps are nice, but not required.                                                                                         When – Thursday, August 18, from 6-8 pm.         Where – 22847 N. Ramsey Road, Rathdrum, 83858                                                                         Hostess – Melinda Seable, at 208-714-9466
Dust off your favorite cowgirl boots  
and join us for night of line dancing
under the stars.

Meet us August 19th from 7-9,
at 30020 N. Greystone, Athol, ID, 83801. 

Bring a folding chair and if you can a
suggested $5 donation to help pay for
the lesson.We’re looking forward to a
fun time of fellowship and dancing.

Fall bible studies
Registration now open 

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                            WHAT THE WOMEN SAW                                                          Kitchen table counseling                                                              The Lord's Prayer
                           Info & Registration                                                                                      Info & Registration                                                                              Info & Registration     


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                                     TRUTH FILLED                                                               STANDING FIRM IN THE LAST DAYS                                                                  EVE IN EXILE
                                 Info & Registration                                                                                    Info & Registration                                                                                Info & Registration      


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                    JESUS'S FAREWELL MESSAGE                                                           BEHOLDING AND BECOMING                                      
                           Info & Registration                                                                                        Info & Registration