real Life hayden campus

Real People, Stronger Together

We are all in a process of becoming who Jesus called us and designed us to be individually as disciples and together as his church. From creating a comfortable environment by serving on a Hospitality Team, leading the next generation to Jesus by serving our students and kids, crafting a dynamic experience on the Creative Arts Team, to growing together across our city by leading a Life Group—we are a group that owns the vision of REACHING THE WORLD FOR JESUS ON PERSON AT A TIME!













Worship Arts staff and volunteers are responsible for all music, photo, video, lighting, and other creative elements for weekend services and other events connected to our church body.

Serving Opportunities:

  • Band member
  • Vocalist
If you are interested in serving, please email


  • Audio
  • Visual
  • Camera
  • Photographer/videographer
  • Social media


Baptism – Prepare for, check-in, and hosts people for their baptism experience.

Coffee - Make coffee before services, host coffee area during services. Keep coffee and cups available, clean up after services.

Greeters - Looking for team members that are relational and warm towards all who enter the building.

New Guest Connections (Starting Point) - Have a willingness to talk with people and assist them with a bulletin/app, general information and specific rooms at the campus.

Parking Team – Welcoming people as they come and leave the property while providing a safe and efficient parking experience.

Prayer Team – Our team provides prayer covering for services, teams, and ministries of Real Life Hayden.

Set-up - Role will require the unloading of moderate equipment and supplies from a trailer, carried or dollied into the campus. Chair setup in worship area.

Tear-down - Team members will teardown equipment and supplies, carry or dolly into storage trailer. Help clean up by sweeping and trash pickup.



  • Team Room Set-up // Tear-down (weekly)
  • Membership Class Environment/Food Set-up // Tear-down (monthly)
  • Meet & Greet  Environment/Food Set-up // Tear-down (monthly)


  • Real Life Youth exists to partner with parents in the spiritual growth of their student by creating environments for their student to be known by an intentional community, be accepted for who they were created to be, to know they are loved unconditionally, while inviting them to reach the world for Jesus one student at a time. Volunteers must pass a clean background check, love students, and be a committed volunteer.

    Serving Opportunities:

    • Small Group Leaders
    • Hospitality 
    • Volunteers wanting to hang out with students


Real Life Kids exists to partner with parents in the spiritual growth of their children by creating age appropriate relational environments that are fun, safe and biblically based. Each of these environments are designed to help kids grow in their relationship with Christ and others.

Volunteers must pass a clean background check, love children, and be a committed team member.

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