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6pm-8pm // North Campus
$5 Suggested Donation

Join us for a worship filled night while making connections with other Real Life North women! Dinner will be served and Shelly will give a message on our true identity in christ. Bring a friend, neighbor, or just yourself.


An Intentional, comprehensive Bible study in which we will dig into God's Word, while also building life-long friendships.



Women of the Word - Session 5 - THE KINGDOM: 1 & 2 Samuel / 1 & 2 Kings

DAY CLASS: Begins August 23 (10 weeks)
Wednesdays: 10AM - 12PM // North Campus Auditorium
Childcare Provided (donations welcome) // Ages 6th grade + are welcome with a responsible adult

EVENING CLASS: Begins August 29 (10 weeks)
Tuesdays: 6:30 - 8PM // Marilyn Bidwell's home in Spirit Lake
$25 fee for NEW participants only

An in depth journey through the old testament books of 1 & 2 Samuel and 1 & 2 Kings with weekly homework in addition to our weekly gatherings.

Wednesday AM Registration

Tuesday PM Registration




Stuck by Jennie Allen

Leader: Diana Cage,
RLMN Campus, Monday from 3:00-5:00

Please purchase a book prior to the first class on Monday, September 25th. The book is available on Amazon for $9.99

So many of us get stuck. Stuck in perfection, in sadness, in feeling numb. Stuck in the pursuit of happiness. These stuck places go unattended inside of us and they shape our lives more than we would like to think. We've been trying to fix these feelings with everything but....GOD. He has a plan for these spaces inside of us, but we have to go with him. Stuck is a journey to take an honest look at the fight going on inside, leading us to God who has a plan to restore us. .




Ecclesiastes: Wisdom for Living Well, By Courtney Joseph

Leader: Kellie Rhodes
Monday 9:00-10:30
At Kellies house, address will be provided upon sign up.
Starting Sept 25th
No childcare, but children are welcome if they can self entertain.

This 8 week, in-depth Bible Study will take you verse by verse, chapter by chapter, through the book of ecclesiastes. Join us on this journey as we identify the obstacles that stand in our wayand draw near to God, through the daily study of his word. .




A Study of Galatians
(5 spots available) 9 week study

Leader: Cheryl Linberg, (925) 984-3246
Study held at the home of Geri McCleary, in Rathdrum. Please call Cheryl Linberg for the address. Monday 9:30-11:30

Study begins Monday, October 9th. Materials will be provided at the first study. Material cost $12.00...please bring it on October 9th.

Grace is perhaps the most misunderstood doctrine of the Christian faith. If we truly grasped its truth, we'd be set free to live in the power of the Holy Spirit and to live out Christ's law of love with overwhelming joy. We'd be unstoppable! Join us for a 9-week inductive study of Galatians. With each lesson, you'll discover nuances of grace that can revolutionize your life!




IDENTITY THEFT, Edited by Melissa Kruger
(12 spots available) 10 week study

Leader: Georjean Axtell,
RLMN Campus, Tuesday from 10:00-12:00

Please purchase a study book prior to the first class on Tuesday, September 26th. Book is available on Amazon for $15.04

This 10 week study dives into the question we all ask ourselves at some point. Who am I? What defines me? From the wisdom and perspective of insightful authors-including Jen WIlkin, Hannah Anderson, Trilla Newbell, and Jen Pollock Michael- we'll seek to answer this question by: Exposing our false notions of identity, Understanding the biblical truth to our identity in Christ, and Reflecting on what it looks like to live in our new, and TRUE identity.




A rebellion against mediocre motherhood, By Abbie Halberstadt
(10 spots available) 9 week study

Leader: Danae Pietroski,
RLMN Campus, Thursday 9:30-11:30
Child Care Provided(suggested weekly donation of $5.00)

Please purchase a study book prior to first class on Thursday, September 28th. Book available on amazon for $13.99.

Applying biblical love and wisdom to raising your children won't always be easy. It will take grit and a desire to parent for God's glory. It will also take a willingness to buck the popular trends of mediocre motherhood. Here's the good news: When we are not enough. Christ is more than sufficient, and His love for you and your kids is nothing less than revolutionary. Embrace the challenges and see the rewards of Christlike motherhood!




Good news for moms who are tired of trying to be good enough, By Jeannie Cunnion
(10 spots available) 7 week study

Leader: Brittany Runnels,
RLMN Campus, Thursday 9:30-11:30
Child Care Provided(suggested weekly donation of $5.00)

Please purchase a study book prior to first class on Thursday, September 28th. Book available on Amazon for $11.99

Moms are under SO. MUCH. PRESSURE. We don't just feel the pressure to be "good enough" for our kids. We also feel the pressure to be "good enough" for God-in and through our parenting. These impossible standards leave us stuck bouncing between worry, fear, anger and shame, and threaten to steal all of the wonder and adventure, not just from our parenting, but from our lives. Jeannie Cunnion knows how it feels to fear that we are letting down our kids and disappointing God in our parenting. This is an invitation to discover how the good news of the Gospel empowers us to live-and parent-as a mom set free!!




A passionate devotion to Jesus Christ, By Leslie Ludy
(10 spots available) 12 week study

Leader: Lindsay Carey,
RLMN Campus, Thursday 9:30-11:30
Child Care Provided(suggested weekly donation of $5.00)

Please purchase a study book prior to first class on Thursday, September 28th. Book available on Amazon for $19.99

Do you desire to know Jesus Christ deeply and intimately, as your dearest, closest, most trusted friend? Do you long to walk daily, in a passionate relationship with him? Are you tired of just reading about God's promises in the Bible, and are you ready to experience the unmatched joy, and peace that passes understanding, and soul level satisfaction that is promised to those that follow him? If so, this study is for you! This message will draw you into deeper depths of intimacy with Christ and challenge you towards greater heights of spiritual triumph! Filled with inspiring examples of Christ-centered women from history, powerful modern day stories, and a wealth of scripture, these lessons will equip you to discover the fulfillment and joy that comes from a life in CHRIST!




For information or questions, please contact:
Women's Ministry Leader

Email Shelly


Here at Real Life we encourage every woman to be involved in a small group. If you are interested in joining one, let us know! We'd love to get you connected!



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