Serving Opportunities at the North Campus

– MATTHEW 9:37

We have been blessed with teams of wonderful volunteers.  Check out what’s available here at Real Life and find out how you can get off the bench and into the game, serving as part of a team and playing a monumental part in God’s kingdom.

Find us on the weekend in the lobby and discover how you can be a part of the movement of discipleship and community at Real Life Ministries. 

Hospitality Team:

Greeters – (4 people per service) Team members need to be relational and warm towards those entering the building. Have a willingness to talk with people and assist them with a bulletin, general information and specific rooms at the campus.

Parking – (2 people per service) Team members need to be friendly, can think on their feet and assist others in find a parking spot, escorting the elderly and single moms when necessary to the Greeters at the front door. This is an outdoors role.

Ushers/Communion Servers/Offering – (4 people per service) Assist people in find a seat for the worship service. Self aware of an intimate environment while serving communion and receiving the offering.

Coffee/Snack/ Setup – (2 people per service) Make Coffee before services, Have coffee and snacks available during services. Clean up after services.

Prayer Team:

Intercessory prayer — (3-5 people)

Children’s Team:

20 people needed to cover two services

Infant/preschool volunteer:
Must pass a clean back ground check, love children and be a committed team member.

1st-3rd grade volunteer 
4th-5th grade volunteer 
Setup/teardown Team

Setup Team 

(8 people 1st service) Team members must be at the campus 1 hour before 1st service. Role will require the unloading of moderate equipment and supplies from a trailer, carried or dollied into the campus. Chair setup in worship area.
Teardown team — (8 people end of 2nd service) Team members will teardown equipment and supplies, carry or dolly into storage trailer. Help clean up by sweeping and trash pickup.

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Contact Cory Speer: cspeer@reallifeministries.com
Contact Jim Blazin: jblazin@reallifeministries.com