Pickleball at The Courts

Pickleball at The Courts will be on hiatus until the Fall of 2022 starting Monday, April 18th.  See you all in the fall.  Check back for more details in mid to late September 2022.

Real Life Sports is excited to offer Adult Pickleball!

Come prepared to have fun and meet people as we get to play the game we love. This is for adults only and there is no cost to play. We will have coffee available in the lobby as well!

Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8am-11am at the Courts at Real Life.   

* No pickleball on the following 2022 dates
  • Monday, March 14th 
  • Week of March 28th 
  • Last day of Pickleball in the Courts until Fall 2022 is Thursday, April 14th.  
Guidelines for Pickleball at The Courts

Be Courteous
This is a Christ-Centered environment that is meant to be Fun and Friendly, please be courteous to others as you play and as you wait for you turn. Be Respectful and Patient with each other.

Bring Court Shoes
To help the Courts stay beautiful, we ask that you bring a separate pair of shoes to change into when you arrive. This helps us to keep rocks and dirt from scratching the courts.

Fill out a Waiver on your 1st arrival
This only needs to be completed once a year. We have them filled out again in January for the new calendar year.

No Profanity or Hurtful Language
We want this to be a fun environment for everyone, please refrain from language that would be hurtful to others.

Court Etiquette Document (please review for more details)