Parenting: Connecting with Your Kids

Sundays / January 12th - March 15th / PF Campus, Bldg 2 Room 211

Raising children today is an adventure to be sure! Raising a child who had been through a traumatic event or season of difficulty is especially demanding. Whether you have welcomed a foster child in your home, gone through the process of foster care and adoption, welcomed a child from another culture or country, or had significant struggles in your own home such as death, divorce, or some other life challenge... all of these impact a child's behavior and development. They also present significant challenges to the parent/child relationship.

In this class, we will explore Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) as a tool to use to connect with your child and bond with them relationally. It will also equip you with the skills to address learning and behavioral challenges. Far from teaching "permissiveness" or "irresponsibility," TBRI helps prepare you with discipline strategies that allow for development of the child while parents express biblical love and guidance.

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Post Falls Campus Building 2 Room 211